Frequently Asked Questions 

What sort of articles are published in IJZAB?

We accept research article, review article, short communication, etc. IJZAB invites research articles on all the fields of Zoology and Biosciences with the strong emphasis on originality and high quality. 

Can I submit an article online?

Yes, you can submit a manuscript via online submission ( 

You can also mail your article to editorial office email id: 

Is the Journal on the UGC approved list? 

Our journal was already in the UGC approved list (Sl. No. 3116, Journal No. 46511). Now our journal is not on the list because of the low score. We are trying to fulfill the required criterions for the standard quality (high score) to include in the UGC approved list again very soon. 

Is the Journal Indexed?

Yes, the journal is indexed and abstracted in leading science search engines, libraries, universities, abstracts and indexing services.  

Is the Journal Indexed in Web of Science, Scopus and Indian Citation Index? 

Our journal registered for indexing in Web of Science, Scopus and Indian Citation Index? 

What is the peer-review process?

Peer-review is a process utilized by research journal publications to assess the quality and validity of a research manuscript. In peer-review, ‘peer’ (Reviewer) from the same field of research will evaluate the manuscript under question to give it a fair assessment for publication.  

Is International Journal of Zoology and Applied Biosciences (IJZAB) Peer-reviewed Scholarly Journal?

Yes, IJZAB is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. IJZAB is having resourceful Editorial and review panel with vast experience and expertise in various multidisciplinary areas under the domain of Zoology and Applied Biosciences. 

How many days are required for the review process and publication?

Rapid publication is a hallmark feature of IJZAB. Review process completed within 10 days. After acceptance, we publish the article within a week provided that there is no delay from the corresponding author in case of any correction.  

Can I be a reviewer in IJZAB?

Yes, IJZAB welcomes scientists, academic professionals and researchers to be part of the review panel. The interested reviewers are requested to send their updated CV to the office email id: 

When will I get the acceptance letter, if my paper is accepted?

The acceptance communication will be sent to the author, after the receipt of acceptance letter from 2 blind peer-reviewers.  

After the submission of a research paper, how much time takes to publish?

After successful submission of a paper, it will take at least 3 to 10 days for the review process to complete. You can see the current status of your paper on the website (by Tracking). After acceptance, the corresponding author is requested to send payment of publication fees. Immediately after receipt of a scanned copy of payment receipt with galley proof, the paper will be published in online. After Publication, the corresponding author will receive a soft copy of the Reprint. Publication Certificate will be sent to the requested author.   

Are you collecting Submission Fee and Processing Fee?  

IJZAB is not collecting Submission Fee and Processing Fee.

How much would it cost to publish in the journal?

There is no fee for the submission and processing of the manuscript, but the corresponding author of each accepted paper is required to pay the publication fee. The publication fee for Indian author is Rs. 2000 and U$D 50 for Abroad author for each accepted manuscript. Editor-in-Chief will inform the mode of payment. Published papers appear electronically and are freely available on our website to download and print. After Publication, the corresponding author will receive a soft copy of the Reprint. Publication Certificate will be sent to the requested author.  

What is the research article access statistic and it uses?

IJZAB enables you to know the popularity of your article by displaying how many times your article was viewed and downloaded. 

Can I submit more than one paper for the same issue?

Yes, you can submit more than one paper at a time.  

What is the frequency of publication of IJZAB?

IJZAB Publish continuously in a month and normally 6 issues per year.  

I tried to log in but have lost my password. What do I do?

Answer: Try login to the IJZAB site as usual (even if you don’t enter a password). First, click the ‘forgot your password?’ link. This will ask you to enter your email address. Do so and then the appearance of a message. Your login details have been sent to your registered email address” and go straight to your email. Open the new email received from IJZAB and you can find your email id and password. Please click on the confirmation link to continue the signup process (website address: You may now login to the site with your email id and new password. Then you can submit the manuscript, view the submitted the manuscript, check manuscript status, reviewers revision requested, etc.