International Journal of Zoology and Applied Biosciences

Volume (7) - Issue (1), 2022 pp 7-10


Biochemical evaluation of Salivary Sialic acid in Women under different reproductive physiological conditions


Shweta and Abhilasha Singh


In human female reproductive physiology predicting ovulation is the basis on which the fertile period is determined. The present study was designed to investigate the level of salivary Sialic acid to find the possibility to develop a biomarker for the detection of ovulation by non-invasive method. 42 females of the different age groups of different reproductive physiological conditions (i.e. prepubertal, parous, non-parous, menopausal, and diabetogenic) were selected for this study. It was observed a significant (p0.001) increase in ovulatory, menopause and diabetic condition and a highly significant decrease in non-parous ovulatory and post ovulatory condition in women. The study showed that salivary Sialic acid concentration was elevated during ovulation.


Diabetogenic, Menopausal, Non-Parous, Parous, Pre-pubertal, Sialic Acid.

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Article History

Received on 01/01/2022, Accepted on 13/01/2022, Published on 01/01/1970