International Journal of Zoology and Applied Biosciences

Volume (4) - Issue (5), 2019 pp 227-230


Parasites of the grunt Pomadasys jubelini in the New Calabar-Bonny River, Rivers State, Nigeria


Marian O. Agbugui and Sunny J. Oniye


Pomadasys jubelini collected twice monthly from June 2011 to May 3013 from the New Calabar-Bonny River were examined for parasites. The fish species sampled were caught using calabashes, traps, gill nets and hooks and lines. No ectoparasite was found on the outer surface of the fish, while the only endoparasite found was the Cymotho aexigua in the mouth of the fish. Out of the 202 samples obtained only 46 (22. 77%) had parasites. The tongue-parasite C. exigua was found to parasitize P. jubelini in the New Calabar Bonny River.


Cymotho aexigua, New Calabar-Bonny River, Parasites, Pomadasys jubelini, Tongue.

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Article History

Received on 16/08/2019, Accepted on 27/10/2019, Published on 31/10/2019