International Journal of Zoology and Applied Biosciences

Volume (3) - Issue (3), 2018 pp 421-425


Spatio-temporal variations of rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri) density in Ariyalur District, Tamil Nadu, India


Subramaniyan Kannaiyan and Jaganathan Pandiyan


Studies on avian communities especially cavity nesting birds are significant to understand their status and distribution in relation habitat requirements. The Rose Ringed Parakeet is one of the secondary cavity-nesting bird species. The present study was carried out in two different habitats viz., Palmyra and Coconut tree plantations. The Line transect method was applied to count the Rose Ringed Parakeet bird population in both the habitats. Temporally among three years of the study the year I (2013-14) showed the highest bird density (15.1±0.63 No./km.) and the year II (2014-15) showed the lowest bird density  (13.2±0.51No/km). Spatially highest bird density was recorded in the Palmyra tree plantation than the Coconut tree plantation. The density of Rose Ringed Parakeet varied significantly between the habitats and among the years (P<0.001). The present study revealed that fluctuations and density of Rose Ringed Parakeet could vary spatio-temporally.


Rose ringed parakeet, Spatial, Temporal density, Conservation.

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Article History

Received on 07/05/2018, Accepted on 25/05/2018, Published on 31/05/2018