International Journal of Zoology and Applied Biosciences

Volume (3) - Issue (1), 2018 pp 41-47


Effect of ration levels of artemia on chosen physiological and biochemical parameters in carp, Cirrhinus Mrigala (Hamilton, 1822)


T. Dyson, S. Malathi and R. James


Effect of different ration levels of Artemia diet on growth, body compositions and respiratory metabolism were studied in Cirrhinus mrigala for 30 days. An increase in ration levels significantly enhanced the feeding and growth rates in C. mrigala. A significant and positive correlation (P < 0.05) was obtained between ration levels and feeding (r = 0.983) / conversion (r = 0.921) rates. The maintenance, optimum and maximum rations of C. mrigala were 5.33, 38 and 116 mg g-1 live fish day-1 respectively. The FCR value was low 2.16 – 1.79 in fish fed with 40 and 60% ration levels and they did not show significant differences (t = 1.38; P > 0.05) between them and other ration levels. The RNA: DNA ratio did not vary much in C. mrigala received the higher ration levels (60 – 100%) as compared to 40% ration. Hence, 40% ration is considered as optimum feeding to enhance feeding and growth in C. mrigala.


Ration levels, Artemia, growth, RNA : DNA ratio, Optimum ration, Cirrhinus mrigala.

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Article History

Received on 17/01/2018, Accepted on 23/01/2018, Published on 25/01/2018